The Home-bred Bircher Muesli

Home-bred Bircher Muesli

The vacations are closing in on us fast, and my pants happen to be snug (mashed potatoes, I’m searching at you). I have been mastering this Bircher muesli recipe because I finally thought out how to make overnight oats delicious.

If you’re looking for how to keep your cravings and energy level in taking a look holiday season (who isn’t?), I am hoping this Bircher muesli recipe will be a big assistance. It’s oats that are basically overnight fresh apple and applesauce, oats, raisins, nuts, and nut butter.

Bircher muesli is just a healthier make-ahead breakfast that tastes such as for instance a holiday treat. Bonus? It is very perfectly made vegan and/or gluten-free if need become.

Bircher Muesli History

Bircher muesli was created in the early 1900s with a physician that is swiss Maximilian Bircher-Benner. He reported owning treated his or her own jaundice by eating raw apples and encouraged his patients to eat raw fruit and vegetables to cure their illnesses.

Bircher-Benner’s recipe that is originally inspired by a “strange dish” that he and their spouse were served while hiking into the Swiss Alps. His recipe called for lots of fresh apples by having an amount that is small of, lemon juice,  nuts, cream, and honey. He served it to their patients is a healthy appetizer before most meals.

Their concept reminds me of my mom ’s advice once  I was little. I was hungry before dinner, she always told me to go eat an apple when I complained that!

The bircher that is the best Muesli

My version is more much like my overnight oats recipe than Bircher’s original. I use more oats, almond milk instead of cream, and include a spoonful of almond butter for the creamy texture.

I also added a few tablespoons of homemade applesauce for extra apple flavor. Store-bought applesauce will work, too, but homemade takes this recipe to the level that is next. It’s a snack that is nice to have around, too.

My Bircher muesli is thick and satisfying. It’s a morning meal it keeps me going until lunchtime that I look forward to eating in the mornings, and.


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